Registration form for the 2018 Canadian Nationals

To Register for the 2018 Canadian Nationals and Pre Pan-Am Gliding competition, please complete the form below.

Use the <<TAB>> key or mouse to navigate between the fields.

Do not use the <<ENTER>> key as it will submit the incomplete form.

Pilot Information
Pilot Experience
Sailplane Information

Insurance Information
Competition Class


The electrical grid in the campground is old and has only 15 amp connections, so it will not be possible to run air conditioning units in your RV while connected to the grid.  Generally, it cools off at night and a/c is not absolutely necessary.  After all it is Canada, but it probably won't snow in August.

There is a $25 charge for camping for the contest.

There is not a dump station on site, but arrangements can be made to be pumped out during the contest and there is a dump station about 15 minutes away that you can visit while you are in town shopping.

Crew Information
Emergency contact information

By clicking submit for this registration form, I hereby CERTIFY that:

  1. the sailplane is current and will remain so throughout the event, carries all documentation required by Transport Canada (T.C.), and will be flown within all the current flight limitations set by T.C. and the manufacturer / kit designer,
  2. my personal flight documentation is current and will remain so throughout the event. I have a currently packed and certified parachute and that it will be worn on each flight, and
  3. I will read the rules for the competition before making a contest flight, and understand and will follow the operations and radio communication procedures.
  4. I will sign a SOSA Gliding Club Release and Acknowledgement of Risk form before my first flight at SOSA.


At any time before the first flight, or during the contest, pilot(s) may be required to produce:

  • proof of insurance,
  • CFI letter if no previous contest experience,
  • valid Canadian glider pilot license (or foreign equivalent),
  • radio operators certificate
  • current aircraft logbook,
  • C of R,
  • C of A, or flight permit,
  • aircraft weight and balance report


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